The secret not to be late in paying your mortgage

When it comes to a long-term loan like mortgages, which can take up to two decades to be canceled, one of the fears is what will happen if I fall behind. And in all those years, will there be those who do not fall behind once?

The answer is yes and it is precisely those clients who obtain certain rewards from the banks, as well as offers to buy them the credit, since the other banks know that it is convenient to have them as clients.

Achieving every year of unbeaten credit does not have to be a challenge

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It is simply to adopt a pair of socks from the beginning, which will ensure tranquility in the coming years.

Select the payment date correctly: 

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Check on what day of the month it is that you have a full bank account. Remember that date is not necessarily the one you are promised; for example, they may always tell you that they will pay you in fortnight, but they actually end up doing it on 17.

In that case, it is better that you select as payment date, 19 or 20, so that you make sure you have the money and Forgets to pay late payments.

Buy unemployment insurance: 

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It is not a cumbersome process. Most banks offer it in their installments and it is enough that you say yes, so you can add it. This insurance protects you in case you lose your job, so you do not fall into default when you cannot pay the credit. Although it does represent an extra payment in the housing fee, it is worth acquiring it as it will protect it for the future.

Both the payment date and the purchase of insurance should be discussed with the bank of your choice.

Prior to that choice, compare at least three alternatives so you can check which products they offer and which one suits you best.

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