The Golf Course Edmonton Experience

The city known as Edmonton operates as well as owns 3 18-hole golf courses. Each of the courses are positioned along North Saskatchewan River banks in the stunning river valley of Edmonton. When looking for a Edmonton golf courses experience below are the three courses you should be considering.

Riverside Golf Course

Riverside is considered as a challenging 18-hole course which makes use of the water from the North Saskatchewan River as one of its “water hazards” a few meters from various fairways. There are a host of opportunities at this location to swing each club and sharpen your skills.

Programs, Golf Lessons And Events

As one of the lifelong sports, golf course Edmonton has been played for more than 100 years. Events, lessons and programs form an integral role in the history of these golf courses and an equally important role in the future of the courses. The Riverside Golf Course encourages a way for citizens to grow and enhance their opportunities while engaging in an enjoyable and fun way to socialize.

Rundle Park Golf Course

The Rundle Park Golf Course has been described as a classic type course. It features an executive  Par 3-course which is suitable for the experienced as well as beginner golfers. The fairways which are lined with trees of Rundle reward you with accurate and straight tee shots while the greens have been guarded with various bunkers. This is the type of course which is ideal for fine-tuning your existing golf skills.

Plot Your Course With The Professionals

You are encouraged to walk this course and gain a few tips from some of the pros. This may give you insight into the most suitable position to place your very first drive as well as what you can expect from the different greens. This classic course will provide you with the opportunity to make use of all the clubs inside your golf bag. In addition, the fairways have been lined with more than enough trees that will keep your game going in the correct direction. The greens are also smaller and surrounded with 2 or 3 bunkers.

Victoria Golf Course And Driving Range

The Victoria Golf Course is the oldest course that is city-run in Canada. It was first established in 1896 well before even Edmonton was founded. The greens and fairways on this course are regarded as forgiving and the best place for beginners to start.