False money is just wrong

Paying with fake money is incredibly uncomfortable. It’s just a matter of trouble, and even if a banker who has been found to be fake fails, we can’t get a valid one. But what are our chances of getting into a fake banker story?

We win the lottery sooner


Fortunately, there is little chance of our fake banknote being fake. According to statistics, banknote counterfeiting is not a big deal, and since the central bank started exchanging banknotes in 2017 – it has become much more difficult to counterfeit our currency – ever since. With about $ 5 billion in cash in households, bottles and backpacks, only a few hundred fake banknotes are in circulation.

This is extremely low. According to the data, most counterfeit banknotes are between 10 and 20 thousand, which means that you have very little chance of getting one as redeemable anywhere in the shop – you can’t get 20 thousand in advance, even 10 if you paid the highest denomination. smaller amount. Lower denominations are not worth falsifying because the penalty is independent of the value of the banknote. And the value of our metal money is so small that it’s virtually not worth the counterfeit.

Individuals can also get fake banknotes, for example, at a sale, so be careful not to be there. However, this fraud is not typical either, as it is very easy to trace who the fake money is from.

The procedure is awkward if we pay with fake money

The procedure is awkward if we pay with fake money

This is precisely the reason why you have a very tight schedule if you find counterfeit money somewhere. You have to take a report immediately, notify the police if necessary, and of course you will lose the money, and anyone who wanted to pay them with fake money, even expecting lengthy administration, will have to report where the money is, where, from whom and when. You should also go through the procedure if you are found to be innocent.

As a casual shopper, we don’t have a big deal with counterfeit money, but it’s worth knowing the banknotes that have the pattern, animal, watermark, and metal stripe on it – a novelty that has a shimmering pattern in the center of every banknote, such as purple horse, and two thousand brown lily. It is quite a big task to fake different security elements at the same time, so if you have the metal strip, the watermark and the colored pattern in the middle, you are almost certain to have real money.

What can the cashier do?

What can the cashier do?

Cashiers and sellers have more complex tasks than their counterparts, and they have the task of detecting counterfeit money, for which the MNB has prepared a separate tutorial.

In addition to the visuals, there are several places where there is a UV lamp, because underneath it is money that is different in color than plain paper, and on the banknotes there are hidden signs that are only visible under UV light. Bank employees also receive regular special training to learn about other currencies besides the forint and to detect counterfeits.

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